Why Trayon?


Australians enjoy travel, bush camping, beach camping and many other outdoor leisure pursuits and what better way than with a well-appointed slide-on camper utilising one vehicle for work and leisure with no additional costs such as registration, trailer tyres and springs to consider. The Trayon model Camper is a low profile practical package for travel and is quickly and easily set up by one person once the campsite is reached.

With the Trayon you can choose to leave the camper on board, with the convenience of having all your equipment readily available for day trips, or if desired, the Camper can be set up free-standing in camp. When the outdoors beckons, a flyscreen annexe provides a bug free area within minutes or a canvas annexe quickly extends the living area of the Camper.

With your portable home on board your vehicle, being able to tow a boat, horse float etc. is a very attractive feature and one of many which makes the Trayon Camper worthy of consideration, whether planning a weekend away or a leisurely trip around our beautiful country, Trayon Campers are the Australian way.

Here are a few benefits of a Trayon Slide-on Camper that most people don’t know:

• No camper registration required
• Light weight
• Low profile when travelling
• Low space consumption when in storage
• 10 years structural warranty
• 100% Australian Made
• Complete-Camper ready for short term or long term trips
• Easy and quick to open and close (3 min)
• Fast and effortless to detach from vehicle (6 min)
• You can camp in a Trayon when it is free standing off the vehicle
• A large array of optional-extras and upgrades to make the camper accommodate your needs and style of travel / touring
• Ample storage
• Cook inside or outside
• Long lasting (Trayon have been making slide-on Campers since 1994, #999 sold early 2017)
• Trayon Adventure Club for all Trayon owners (online forum)

Go anywhere…set up in under 5 minutes

A Trayon Camper will go anywhere your 4WD will go. Thanks to its lower weight it affects your 4WD’s capability less than other tray-back/slide-on Campers. And if you compare it to a towable campervan…well, there is no comparison.

The Trayon can go on longer and further. But when you’ve had enough it’s a relief to know you’re less than 5 minutes away from a cold drink. That’s how little time it takes to put up the Trayon…if you do it all by yourself. With a bit of help it’s even quicker.


Trayon is made out of aluminium, not fibreglass like most other Campers. That not only makes it stronger but also hundreds of kilos lighter than other tray-back/slide-on Campers. In other words…you can fit more of your own stuff in, and Trayon has plenty of storage room for just that. On top of that, every Trayon Camper is fitted with a proper size fridge/freezer (100 litres), gas bottle (2.75kg / 6 litres), water tank (110 litres) and 120 Amp. Deep cycle battery… all for your convenience in the bush.

A huge double bed, comfortable seating and a spacious kitchen makes Trayon your ultimate home away from home.

Made in Australia…

Trayon Campers is a rock solid Australian company based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Every single Trayon Camper is assembled by hand on our premises…you are more than welcome to come and have a look. Many of our highly skilled team members have been with us for more than a decade. They are cutting no corners in the design and manufacture of what we believe is the best and strongest tray-back / slide-on Camper in the world.

Trayon is made for campers by campers.